We provide uncommon care® because we hire uncommon people
Our Culture

​​​​​​​We hire uncommonly talented people to do their best work. The energy, expertise, innovation, and passion they bring to the table, help us transform health care. We not only deliver exceptional care to our members, but we go the extra mile to deliver health equity and programs that really touch on the needs of our vulnerable communities, such as food insecurity, homelessness, healthcare access, vaccinations and other service/volunteer programs. CCA employees reflect and embrace the diverse communities we serve by providing culturally responsive, equitable care for all our members.
Our Mission
Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of people with significant needs by innovating, coordinating and providing the highest quality, individualized care.
Our Vision
Our vision is to lead the way in transforming the nation's healthcare for individuals with the most significant needs.

Our Values​​​​​​​

Integrity: Honor our commitment to our mission and values, holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards of behavior.

Dignity: Respect the inherent value and personal choices of all stakeholders, including patients, members, families, colleagues, providers, advocates, and others.

Compassion: Engage all stakeholders with empathy, caring, and understanding.

Excellence: Exceed expectations through teamwork and innovation to deliver best-in-class service to the people we care for and the customers and providers we work with.
Stewardship: Manage people and resources responsibly to maximize our contribution to the health of our members, patients, customers, and providers.

Community: Advocate and support social change to promote a culture of collaboration, diversity, and inclusiveness.

Partnership: Collaborate actively with patients, members, and providers to design and improve our care.

Innovation: Invest in creative solutions that improve outcomes for patients, members, and providers.
Uncommon Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility means setting high standards and upholding our commitment to do the right thing, not only for our members, but for our team members and our communities.

  • Volunteerism - We offer 16 hours of paid time off to employees to volunteer for their favorite causes. But being such tireless and caring people, they regularly volunteer on their personal time for causes that affect the populations we serve – Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Homelessness, and many more.

  • Community Outreach - In 2020, when the pandemic made community engagement even more critical, CCA fielded a new Community Outreach team to help foster social responsibility and reduce health disparities.
    • To help combat food insecurity, CCA donated over $100,000 to food banks across the state and joined forces with Lynn Community Health Center to co-sponsor a monthly mobile food market where volunteers—CCA team members included—distribute food to over 400 families in the community each month.
    • During COVID-19 the team attended 500+ community events, hosted approximately 200 more, and distributed 8,000+ care packages to individuals living in low-income housing.
2022 President's Circle Award Winners!
We have many reasons to celebrate in 2022 and CCA’s Boston holiday party, the first in three years, was a celebration for the books! During this party, CEO Chris Palmieri announced the two winners of the prestigious President’s Circle Award. Congratulations to Tricia Dougherty and Tracy Perkins, our two winners!
The President’s Circle Award recognizes employees who go above and beyond, modeling our core values and mission and making an exemplary contribution to CCA. Recipients of this award are chosen because they show extraordinary commitment in their areas of expertise. This could be outstanding customer service, member care, or business, or clinical innovations and outcomes. Past winners have been instrumental in improving outcomes, reducing costs, opening new opportunities, and bringing innovative ideas for process improvements to CCA. The award always reflects an exceptional, long-term effort on the part of honorees — usually lasting the course of the year or longer.