Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
DE&I Statement

Advancing Our Organizational Culture of Inclusion
Our inclusive organizational culture allows us to celebrate our power of diversity. CCA encourages collaboration, flexibility, and equity to enable individuals to contribute to their full potential while encouraging different experiences and diverse thoughts to create innovative solutions for our members.

Workforce Development & Diversity

CCA strives for diversity of thought, backgrounds, experiences and abilities with every employee we recruit, develop and promote. We empower our employees to contribute to their full potential and drive healthcare innovation through equal access to opportunities and advancement. Our high-performing workforce reflects all segments of society.

Reinforce Our Healthcare Results and Reputation

Serving the needs of our diverse members, we equip our leaders with the ability to achieve diversity, measure results, refine approaches and delivering cultural responsible equitable care. Through our inclusive culture, community outreach has become a standard. 
CCA Diversity Networks
Asian & Allies (Asian & Pacific Islander Employees and Allies)
The Asian and Allies Diversity Network (AADN) is dedicated to increasing awareness of Asian cultures at CCA and fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued.
Black / African American & Allies (Black and African American Employees and Allies)
The Black/African American Diversity Network (B/AA DN) looks to support CCA’s diversity and inclusion goals. More specifically, the B/AA Diversity Network provides opportunities for leadership development, recruitment, engagement and creating a safe space for voices to be heard and valued. 
Hispanic/Latino & Allies (Hispanic and Latino Employees and Allies)
The Hispanic/Latino & Allies Diversity Network’s mission is to represent our cultures among CCA’s employees and members, and the community at large with the aim of providing equity. 
Individuals with Disabilities & Allies (Individuals with Disabilities and allies)
Recognizing that disabilities can make life very challenging, the mission of Individuals with Disabilities and Allies Diversity Network is to provide a safe, supportive, and empowering environment to improve efforts to recruit, reduce stigma, provide opportunities for personal and professional development, promote awareness and encourage self-identification and inclusivity.
Pride & Allies (LGBTQIA+ Employees and Allies)
In an effort to maintain and develop safe, supportive, and intentionally inclusive environments for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, the Pride and Allies Diversity Network seeks to create opportunity for strengthening community connections through social programs and networking engagement.
Women & Allies (Women Employees and Allies)
The Women & Allies Diversity Network is committed to empowering, supporting, and promoting the success of the women of CCA. We provide space for all women and their allies to connect and network, research and recommend solutions focused on topics important to women, engage in professional and leadership development, and honor intersectionality by partnering with other CCA Diversity Networks.
Inclusive Programs
Diversity Speaks: This program is open to all employees and brings awareness and allows conversations around DE&I through thought leadership. Award winning authors and thought leader join CCA through Zoom for a fireside chat.
Awards Winning DE&I Knowledge Programs: Setting the Standard in DE&I learning pathway.
Association Forums: Sponsoring employee can join and actively participate in professional association forums to develop oneself and drive the inclusion conversation further.
Supplier Diversity: We are committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with People of Color, Disability, Women, Ethnicity, LGBTQ+, Veteran, and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned business to drive innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility.
Executive DE&I Council and Advisory Network: The council provides a platform for overseeing, assessing, and supporting the effectiveness of the diversity and inclusion strategy, the diversity networks, and community outreach. The council also introduces new strategic initiatives when needed.
CCA’s Equitable Workplace

At Commonwealth Care Alliance we are driving equity both in and out of the workplace.  Through uncommon care
®​​​​​​​ we are improving health equity for our members and thought leadership on many boards driving health equity.  Our employees are a part Commonwealth Care Alliance equity solution- including equitable pay and inclusive benefits which include flexible parental leave, transgender and non-binary care provided in our healthcare to supplemental childcare, tuition reimbursement and individual development plans driving inclusive advancement. At Commonwealth Care Alliance we are proud of not only on our work, but our committed employees.